Pam Thurston


PAM THURSTON, Attorney/CIVICC leader

Pam Thurston, Staff Attorney
Pam Thurston, Attorney

Pam Thurston joined OJPC in March 2010 to begin building the Ohio Collateral Sanctions Database, after Stephen JohnsonGrove envisioned the project and secured its initial grant funding.  Pam’s work became the CIVil Impact of Criminal Convictions (CIVICC) database, an online public resource hosted by the Ohio Public Defender’s office and available to all free of charge.  CIVICC is used by employers, defense lawyers, state agencies, workforce and social service professionals, returning citizens and others to identify which collateral consequences are associated with which criminal offenses in Ohio law.

Pam continues to expand, maintain and update CIVICC while also supporting other facets of OJPC’s mission.  She uses and helps others to use CIVICC as a tool in developing and implementing individual reentry plans, organizational policies and legislative solutions to promote success for people with criminal records.  In addition, she periodically serves as co-counsel, support staff and/or informal advisor to other attorneys in OJPC’s constitutional litigation.

Pam earned her J.D. from Georgetown University and her B.A. in Greek with honors from Wellesley College.  Before joining OJPC she had practiced law for five years with Reed Smith Shaw and McClay in Washington, D.C., and for more than 20 years in business litigation with Squire Sanders and Dempsey (now Squire Patton Boggs) in Columbus, Ohio.

Outside OJPC, Pam is part of an informal network of Episcopalians in Southern Ohio who work to assist prisoners and returning citizens and to reform the criminal justice system.