Sentencing Reform

OJPC’s current #1 strategy is to “safely and substantially reduce the size and racial disparity of the state prison population.” Ohio currently incarcerates almost 51,000 men and women in 32 prisons designed, collectively, to hold about 38,000 people. The only way to significantly reduce this dangerous overcrowding is through sentencing reform that lowers the number of people sent to prison each year, and shortens the average length of stay. OJPC is helping Ohio policymakers find ways to do that, while preserving public safety. This can and must be done.

Allowing intervention/treatment in lieu of conviction for people with addictions is a far more humane and a more effective means of keeping our communities safe and healthy. The Ohio legislature is considering House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 3 right now, both of which would keep people with drug addictions out of prison and in a treatment setting.