Justice for Tyra Patterson

Tyra Patterson
Tyra Patterson

For the past twenty-one years, Tyra Patterson has been imprisoned for crimes she did not commit. A recent, comprehensive investigation reveals that she was wrongfully convicted. In fact, six of Tyra’s jurors have submitted affidavits stating that they would have never convicted Tyra had they known of evidence that Tyra’s defense lawyers did not put before the jury.

But Tyra’s story is not only one of wrongful conviction but also of opportunity. Despite her wrongful conviction, Tyra has kept a positive attitude, taken every opportunity available to her in prison, helped others, and is a woman who upon release will seek to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people.

The Guardian-US released their special three part report on Tyra’s case: “The injustice system: one woman’s journey to prove her innocence – and be set free after 21 years.”

OJPC held an interfaith assembly calling for Tyra’s release. You can find the WCPO Cincinnati video coverage and the video from the full event below.

Still, Tyra faces an uphill fight.OJPC has been performing powerful advocacy on behalf of Tyra’s clemency application. Powerful allies, including a former Republican Attorney General of Ohio and several politically conservative elected officials, have met Tyra and are urging Governor Kasich to grant her executive clemency. We encourage you to sign the petition directed toward Governor Kasich which encourages him to grant Tyra clemency. To stay up to date on Tyra’s case, you can follow her case on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and sign up for email updates.