For Employers

Hiring the Best Workers

Many otherwise qualified applications are thrown out due to old and irrelevant criminal records of the applicant. Learn how your business can avoid losing out on a good hire.

Fair Hiring for Private Business

By common-sense changes to the application process, you can give people with criminal records a fair chance to show you how they will be a boon to business.

CQEs and Employers

Certificates of Qualification for Employment (CQEs) have created new protections for employers who wish to hire an applicant with skills to get the job done, even if that applicant has a past criminal record.

The Beacon of Hope Business Alliance

The Beacon of Hope Business Alliance is leading the way for more companies in Ohio to open jobs for people with criminal records who have earned a second chance. The alliance provides proven processes, best practices, and simple access to the deep network of resources that exist to support this effort.