Finding my Path to Non-Profit Leadership


And the importance of office administration

Jordan Handorf, Mount St. Joseph University
Jordan Handorf, Mount St. Joseph University

My name is Jordan Handorf, and I am now a freshmen at Mount Saint Joseph’s University majoring in Business Administration and Accounting, and I hope to get my MBA. Fresh out of high school, I chose OPJC initially because I wanted to intern in an office setting. I had worked in a law setting before, and I missed it. I also wanted to learn as much as possible about working in a nonprofit organization because I plan to open up my own non-profit business after graduate school.

OJPC takes on a lot of work for a lot of people, and I got to apply my organization skills helping OJPC. Along with helping re-organize the office’s space, I got to work with David Singleton, the executive director, to reshape his office. David takes on a lot of work, and like many people who do, a mess can accumulate. David and I sat down talked about how we wanted to tackle his room, and we eventually did finish the job. We worked together to clean, organize, and redesign the space to fit his workflow. Now months after our work, it is still neat, organized, and better supports his amazing work. He and I are both proud of his office.

OJPC helped me clarify my career path. One morning my supervisor took me to get my paycheck, and she asked me about what I wanted to do with my career. I had told her I wanted to be an English major and become a better writer, and I also wanted to open my own nonprofit business. She looked at me with a funny face and said, “You want to open a business with an English degree?” I thought about it and realized that I do love English, but it would not be the best choice for my career path. She said, “You need a MBA if you really want to open up your own business.” I decided after our long talk that, in order to make my goals a reality, I had to get a MBA, and I am now a Business Administration and Accounting major.