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CIVICC: Ohio’s Collateral Sanctions Database


Seeing the Barriers Clearly

1 in 6 Ohioans has a criminal record. That’s 1.9 million people. They face over 850 barriers in state laws that restrict their employment, housing, family involvement, civic participation, and other rights and privileges. The vast majority of these sanctions directly affect the ability to work. Using CIVICC, you can find what offenses create what collateral sanction. Learn more below, or get OJPC’s CIVICC overview here.

CIVICC is completely free and requires no account or registration. A quick look shows that you have two ways to start a search:

Search for an offense. Your search term can be an Ohio Revised Code section number OR an offense keyword such as theft or drug. Search results will provide a link to the full text of each offense statute and, on the Offense Detail page, a list of the civil impacts triggered by that offense.

Search for a civil impact. Your search term can be an Ohio Revised Code section number OR an impact keyword such as health or teach. Results will include a link to each relevant statute and, on the Impact Detail page, a list of the Triggers for that civil impact. Triggers may be individual offenses or they may be categories of offenses, such as “drug crime” or “offenses against a minor.” If available, the Impact Detail page also will have a link to any regulation that creates an Exception to the civil impact.

For detailed information about how CIVICC works, check out our UseGuide/FAQs. Or just try the database for yourself here.