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Dayton Daily News: Convicted scammer’s case held up as example of need for leniency


COLUMBUS — John Schlosser has already served 24 years of a 40- to 58-year prison sentence.

He was convicted of running a telemarketing scam that defrauded 11 victims of less than $2,000 combined in Montgomery County. Montgomery County prosecutors alleged more than 2,000 people were victimized, but harm to those customers was never proven at trial.

Schlosser’s attorney David Singleton of the Ohio Justice & Policy Center plans to use his story to launch a new project this week called Beyond Guilt, which Singleton hopes to build into a national network similar to Innocence Projects across the country.

“The mission of Beyond Guilt is to transform our punitive legal system to one focused on justice, redemption, and humanity for those over-punished,” the new group says.

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