What does human trafficking look like?

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It’s not like “Taken.” Human trafficking often involves much more than a dramatic abduction. By: Gabriel M. Fletcher Understanding the horrors of human trafficking requires more than an awareness that it exists. As an attorney working with survivors of both sex trafficking and labor trafficking (involuntary servitude), I am just beginning to scratch the surface […]

The Power of Blame

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How Assigning or Assuming Blame Impacts Sex Trafficking Survivors By: Verjine Adanalian As an attorney who advocates exclusively for sex trafficking survivors, I often get asked: what’s the hardest part of the job? My answer usually surprises people—it’s dealing with the concept of blame. Who or what is to blame for what happened to my […]

Ohio lawmakers: Don’t forget about human trafficking survivors

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There’s a bill in the hands of our state House of Representatives that would allow survivors to expunge most crimes that can be linked back to trafficking. This bill, Senate Bill 4, is a good bill — it has OJPC’s support. This bill passed the Senate unanimously in June 2017. Now, it sits in the House Criminal Justice Committee awaiting a hearing. While this bill collects dust, survivors of human trafficking continue to hit roadblocks due to a criminal record.