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“We Cannot Forget Women”


Then and Now

Recent events remind us what David Singleton wrote about a year ago, “We cannot forget women.” The shocking video from Kentucky shows us again that we can and should do better for women in the criminal justice system.

Consider this video in light of our history. This recent storytelling, couched in a book review “Black Woman and the Carceral State,” does an excellent job of framing historically what we see in the video above.

We can and should do better, which is why OJPC created our Women’s Project that focuses on the unmet needs of women in the justice system. If you’d like to take one action today to support just treatment of women, find one thing you can do to support Tyra Patterson today.

Tyra Patterson
Tyra Patterson

Featured Photo Credit: Women prisoners wait in line at the Parchman Post Office, circa 1930 (Mississippi Department of Archives and History)(as found here)