A 20th Birthday Celebration: Thank you


OJPC’s 20th anniversary was an incredible celebration of OJPC’s work: reclaiming lives, renewing communities, restoring justice.

Guests were treated to original songs by choirs from Ohio prisons, directed by Cathy Roma, Professor Emerita, Wilmington College.

OJPC raised $250,000 from donors large and small that evening! Over 250 people attended to experience the voices and art of people affected by the criminal justice system – and to hear speeches from OJPC’s founders, staff, and Board. Thank you to everyone who attended–community leaders and public officials, students, attorneys, judges,  volunteers, and many citizens who care deeply about our mission.

Tribute to Mary Levin

During the event, we honored one of OJPC’s founders, Mary Levin, who passed away in 2012. OJPC continues to celebrate Mary’s dedication to helping incarcerated people, her passion and support for OJPC’s work, and the lasting impact Mary made in her community. Thank you to Mary’s family and friends who were able to join us.


The event was presented through the generosity of our Platinum Sponsors:

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A huge, generous surprise donation and the Founders’ Challenge

OJPC Board Member Peter Levin announced an amazing gift in honor of his late wife, OJPC co-founder Mary Levin: $100,000! Inspired by Peter and by the evening program, OJPC co-founder Al Gerhardstein announced that he and his wife Mimi Gingold will pledge an additional $50,000.

With these generous gifts, Peter and Al created an ambitious FOUNDERS’ CHALLENGE: Let’s raise $325k in donations for OJPC between now and the end of the year! To celebrate the past 20 years and to secure another 20 to come – they are planting the seeds of justice and asking the community to join them. OJPC has already raised a total of $250,000 through the celebration on Oct 19th, with generous support from engaged community members and leader, including Peter and Al. The founders challenge us: get to $325,000; and we have only have $75k to go! The Founders challenge encourages everyone to give as recurring donors, to sustain OJPC for the future. You can help grow the seeds of justice.