14 Years: 14 Lessons


14 Years

This journey called life is amazing. I thank everyone, good or bad, and every good or bad thing that happened because it built my character into the beautiful woman I am, who thrives without the use of any substance liquid or dry!!

I have lived two lifestyles in one life, and I’ve learned many lessons along the way. This last January marked my fourteenth year working at OJPC. Out of all my lessons, maybe the most important is that I have learned to love the result of being myself!! And most definitely, I have learned to forgive myself and others. If I do not, whatever I hold in is like poison, and each resentment kills me spiritually and turns into physical decay. So forgive. I forgive where I can.

I love OJPC for giving me the opportunity to continually grow and for accepting me with all my flaws.

14 Lessons

Being myself is good enough

Forgive . . . myself and others

Keep calm

Stay humble

People can change

It’s a gift to listen

Be careful not to judge too quickly

People you work with become extended family

Eat healthier

Find a deeper level of patience

You can’t judge a book by its cover

Children see better than we think

Practice empathy and compassion

Don’t write people off

A gift from OJPC staff to Sheila on her 14 year anniversary.
A gift from OJPC staff to Sheila on her 14 year anniversary.