We’re the Ohio Justice & Policy Center

OJPC is a nonprofit, public-interest law firm in Cincinnati, Ohio, focused on issues of safety and justice. We work to substantially reduce the size and racial disparity of Ohio’s prison population, as well as to protect the rights and dignity of incarcerated people. We serve people in the community by removing criminal records-based barriers to employment, housing, education, and full community integration. In addition to offering direct, pro-bono legal services for impacted individuals, we advocate for public policy that creates safe and just communities at the state and local level. We provide education about criminal-legal issues through statewide presentations, a clinical legal program for law students, an annual internship program, community resource materials, and written legal and policy guides.

“OJPC opens up opportunities for jobs, housing, education, and all kinds of progress. With OJPC’s partnership, the women at Off the Streets can truly reclaim their lives.”
—Viann Barnett, Program Director for Off the Streets

“If it hadn’t been for OJPC, I would still be in prison.”

— Bill Blue, OJPC Human Rights in Prison client

“Working with David (Singleton), other Chase Law faculty, OJPC staff, and fellow interns taught me about the importance of responsibility, collaboration, and teamwork. I felt such pride as I presented oral arguments before the Sixth Circuit.”

— Nick Hunt, former Constitutional Litigation Clinic student

“I met the OJPC team and learned about the good work they do on so many issues: human rights in prison, fair hiring and housing, and so much more. I was impressed by their dedication. I offered up whatever skills I might have developed over 50 years to assist the OJPC cause. They put me to work — and I’m enjoying it.”

— Roger Hildebrand, retired police officer and current OJPC volunteer

“I could go on literally forever about how awesome the OJPC staff is, and I can’t thank them enough for how much they’ve helped me grow and mature as a man. I owe you all so much. Thank you for the best and most rewarding internship I’ve ever had.”

— Kaelan Doolan, 2018 OJPC intern
“Stephen (JohnsonGrove) and OJPC have been working with our organizers for almost a decade. We have seen OJPC exhibit an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of people impacted by the criminal justice system. OJPC is a model for how policy experts, activists, leaders, and organizers can work collectively to build the people-power necessary to create a justice system that is focused on reclaiming lives, restoring families, and supporting the growth and development of safe and healthy communities.”
—DaMareo J. Cooper, Executive Director of the Ohio Organizing Collaborative