Community Champions

See below for specific ways you can be part of making justice fair, intelligent, and redemptive in Ohio.

Community Champion
David Singleton speaks before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

Current Campaigns

Justice for Tyra Patterson: #IAmTyraPatterson

More safety, fewer people in prison, less cost

We Won! Help Us Take Fair Hiring Further!


A well-informed advocate is a powerful advocate.


Spread solutions for fair, intelligent, redemptive justice. Converse in person with people you know. Share articles, statistics, and stories via email and social media.

Stand up: Speak out

Written off? See someone else being written off? Use and share our legal services.


Our state policy work requires advocates who are willing to write, call, email, and sometimes lobby their legislator in person. Sign up for our “Take Action” email list to stay informed about ongoing advocacy opportunities.


We partner with a network of grassroots organizers who target a specific impacts within the justice system and a specific benefit to people in Ohio. If you want to get more deeply involved in this organizing effort, contact the Ohio Organizing Collaborative to find out what activity is in your area.


A large portion of OJPC’s annual budget comes from private donations. We couldn’t continue our work without support from the community. All donations are accepted. There are three ways to donate:

  • Send us a check: Make donations payable to “Ohio Justice & Policy Center.” Mail us at the following address:
Ohio Justice & Policy Center 
215 East 9th St., Suite 601 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202