Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Jayla Rodgers


Written by OJPC volunteer Kathryn Wallace

Jayla joined the ranks of volunteers at OJPC in January of 2020.  In that short time, she has become an integral part of our team. She starts the day at OJPC with a smile that brightens the day for all of us.

Even though she is working on her degree in Organizational Leadership, she generously gives OJPC more than 20 hours a week of her time and skills. Operations Manager Laura Beverly said “(Jayla)’s passion for our mission is evident in every task she tackles.”

To give you an idea of her feeling about the justice system and why she chose OJPC, we asked her a few questions:

Why are you passionate about criminal justice reform?  

I am passionate about criminal justice reform because I want to contribute to the systems that are in place to help the willing, persevere. Some of the most skilled, intellectual, and business savvy members of society are those who were granted a chance to execute their potential despite their pasts. 

What do you like about volunteering at OJPC?

What I enjoy most about volunteering at OJPC is being apart of important change. There is also so much versatility in how I am able to bring value while learning simultaneously. I’ve been able to act on my managerial skills through helping organize the summer internship program for law students. I’ve been able to expand upon my creative skills through helping to cultivate the OJPC newsletter. I’ve also sharpened my clerical skills through learning to prepare legal documents. I take great pride in being a bridge between clients and access; students and opportunity. 

What drew you to seek out OJPC?  

I sought out OJPC because I admire how the organization lives up to its mission. From participating in the Second Chance Clinics, to sitting in on hearings where clients were granted certificates to qualify for employment; it’s been an honor to witness the trajectory of people’s lives change for the better.

As OJPC grows, we are fortunate to have Jayla as part of the team

Are you interested in volunteering with OJPC? Learn more about our volunteer program and how to apply here.