The Tyra Patterson Case: new podcast by Seema Iyer, Esq.

A Fresh Look

You now may know the story of Tyra Patterson. But not like this.

Seema Iyer, Esq., former MSNBC legal analyst, begins her series on the case of Tyra Patterson. As Seema writes, she is “not the defense attorney who thinks everyone is innocent.  Hardly.” But Tyra’s case was too compelling to look away. In episode one, Seema travels to Dayton, Ohio to speak to Tyra’s attorney, David Singleton, and the prosecutor on the case, Leon Daedone. It’s the begininng of Seema’s hope to “to find a resolution everyone can be at peace with…..perhaps an impossible task in the criminal justice system, but certainly one that this lawyer/podcaster is willing to attempt.” Enjoy!

Seema Iyer interviews Tyra’s mother, Jeannie Patterson

Part 9: Victim Holly Lai

Part 10: Tyra’s Lawyer, David Singleton

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