The Case of Tyra Patterson: Episode Three.

An inspiration

I work with her because she inspires me. She. Who has spent 22 years in prison for crimes she did not commit, but still smiles daily, becomes a leader wherever she is, and uses her skills to help others. She. Who can write this . . .

And this . . .

I am not willing to obtain my liberty from prison at the expense of the good or bad reputation of a deceased individual. Suffering evokes much humanity within the human heart, and God knows I have suffered greatly; however, I am not defined by my incarceration status, nor will I compromise my values.

Tyra Patterson, September 22, 2011.

I honestly don’t know how she does it–continually over the years. There’s spirituality involved for sure—some understanding of our interconnection that I’ve yet to experience, though heard people I trust say it was real. Honestly, I’ve never met anyone like Tyra, though the closest I’ve come has often come with people on her side of the prison gates.

If you can, hold Michelle, the victim in this case, and the surviving family and community, in your thoughts or prayers. They deserve love, wherever they are. We all do.

You can listen to episode three, “The Tale of Tyra’s Two Lawyers,” below:

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