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Thank You to OJPC Student Leaders

Summer Internships: Training Future Leaders

Students across the country will soon gather with family and friends to give thanks. Final exams may be on their minds, but also the question, ‘what is next for me?’

Each summer, students from across the country intern with OJPC. They help our clients, and through their work, we help train them as future leaders for fair, intelligent, redemptive justice. In honor of this time of giving thanks, we wish to say thank you to our last group of amazing summer students. And what better way to celebrate them than sharing their incredible insight? You can find their reflections on their summer at OJPC below. Taken together, their reflections on their collaboration with each other, OJPC staff, and clients capture the spirit of our work.


Shannon Byrd: My Life’s Purpose Confirmed

Zack Eckles: In the Hallways of the Statehouse

Alesha Hamilton: Stepping into a Prison

Jordan Handorf: Finding my Path to Non-Profit Leadership

Zachary McCoy: Words Matter

Lynn Nouri: The Worth of a Soul

Sarah Ochieng: Humor through Hardship

Donovan Wood: The Lawyer as Storyteller

Michael Zuckerman: A Trusted and Knowing Friend