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Pardons (Executive Clemency)

A pardon is one type of executive clemency. A pardon forgives your crime, and if granted, puts you in the same position as if the crime had never occurred. The governor of Ohio grants pardons. The governor can grant or deny a pardon for any reason, or for no reason at all.

When filing for a pardon there is a lot to get together in preparation. The first is certified copies of all cases you are applying to get a pardon for. Then a juvenile records check, which you can receive at the Juvenile Court (800 Broadway), at the clerk of Courts. It is also important to have a letter which you have written to the governor already prepared. In the letter list facts that demonstrate ways you have earned a chance for a pardon. Find any awards, certificates, or degrees you have as well. This could help with your pardon. Last, it is also important to find someone who will write well on your behalf. For a full list of pre-work you can do before preparing your application, see OJPC’s list here.

Once that is done please call us at 513-421-1108 or attend one of our Second Chance Community Legal Clinics, so we can continue to help you with this process. You can view the full executive clemency application here.