Job opening: Operations Manager

What we are looking for: A bright generalist with common sense and a strong financial analysis bend; someone who is passionate about growing with this dynamic, small non-profit; someone ready to punch above his/her weight.

You will thrive in this position if this describes you:

Inform and Clarify: You provide the information people need to do their jobs and feel good about being a member of the team; provide individuals information so that they can make accurate decisions; are timely with information; you transform massive amounts of data into usable information.

Planner: You accurately scope out length and difficulty of tasks and projects; set objectives and goals; break down work into process steps; develop schedules and task/people assignments; anticipate and adjust for problems and roadblocks; measure performance against goals; evaluate results.

Get the Job DONE: You know how to manage a large and complex set of tasks; set and, as needed, renegotiate priorities to ensure the most important work gets done; get more done in less time than others; can attend to a broad range of activities with a focus on completion.

Resilient & Persevering: You pursue everything with energy, drive, and a need to finish; focus on delivering goals; when faced with a roadblock, you find a way around it.

Natural Organizer: You marshal resources (people, funding, material and support) to get things done; orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal; use resources effectively and efficiently; arrange information and files in a usable manner.

Have Perspective: You look toward the broadest possible view of an issue/challenges; have broad-ranging personal and business interests and pursuits; can easily pose future scenarios; can think globally; can discuss multiple aspects and impacts of issues and project them into the future.

Job responsibilities:

This employee will:

* With input from staff, accountant and historical records, develop and execute a $1M+ annual budget, including restricted and non-restricted grant funding;

* Prepare monthly financial analysis as well as frequent “what-if” drills;

* Serve as liaison to contracted accountant, pay agent and auditor;

* Manage Human Resources for a staff of 14 with plans to grow;

* Support the Board of Directors;

* Perform general office management (supplies; Executive travel; vendor contracts; etc);

* Other duties assigned.

Required qualification:

* Bachelor’s degree, preferably in related major such as Economics, Business Management, Accounting or Human Resources. We are looking for a creative generalist with common sense!

* Expertise in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

* Ability to work independently; exercise judgement and discretion; and set priorities in a rapidly changing environment.

* Strong interpersonal skills, tact and humor.

* Strong communications skills, both verbal and written.

* Three years’ experience in similar position.

Additional experience that would make you an even stronger candidate:

* Master’s degree in related major such as Economics, Public or Business Administration.

* Knowledge of criminal justice issues.

* Five years’ experience in similar position(s).

* Experience in QuickBooks.

Details about the position:

* $45 – $62K salary based on experience and qualifications.

* Competitive benefits package, including 27 PTO days, PTO carryover and PTO Sharing; Parental Leave; 13 Holidays plus Christmas to New Year’s paid leave; Flextime; Health, vision and dental insurance; Simple IRA (up to $12.5K) with corporate matching; membership in professional associations; corporate support for professional training and professional exams.

* We intend to have this position filled by January 2, 2019.

* OJPC is an equal opportunity employer. People from historically disadvantaged groups, based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and/or sexual orientation / identification, are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to apply:

* Send a cover letter, résumé, three references, and responses to the 3 questions listed below, all in PDF format to: OJPC’s Human Resources at

* Applicants who have been out of university less than 4 years should also send university transcripts.

* Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m., Friday, 16 November 2018.

Questions (respond to each with no more than ½ page). Essays and/or bullet responses acceptable.

1. As the Operations Manager, you receive a late night phone call from the Executive Director regarding a financial matter. He says, “I expect to get litigation fees for the Smith case of at least $30K when the case closes and settles. But in the meantime, the Smith family is really hurting. They need cash now. What if we write a check from OJPC’s funds for oh, $12K, to the Smith family? We could charge it to A&G*. And when the litigation fee comes in, we could pay the A&G account back.” As the senior financial advisor, how would you respond to the Executive Director? {*A&G = Admin and General, the broad overhead account}

2. The Board’s Financial Committee wants a simple “dashboard report” for monthly financial metrics. What are some critical metrics you would include in that dashboard?

3. OJPC’s policies state that our compensation is “competitive.” What are some steps you would take to assure employees that this is a true statement?