Community College Resource Center

This website is designed to help community college students with criminal records succeed in school and beyond. Here, you will find resources for students and schools. With accurate information and coordinated resources, students with records can break down barriers.

Certificates of Qualification for Employment (CQEs)

Many Ohio laws prevent people with criminal records from getting certain government-issued licenses or from working in certain jobs. CQEs create relief from mandatory restrictions — laws that absolutely prevents the person with the specific criminal record from working or being licensed in that field.

CIVICC: Ohio’s Collateral Sanctions Database

The Ohio Civil Impacts of Criminal Convictions Database (CIVICC) is a web-based tool created by the Ohio Justice & Policy Center and the Ohio Public Defender to answer two questions about collateral sanctions: What are all the civil impacts that are triggered by a specific conviction? What are all the convictions are likely to trigger a specific civil impact?