Motion to reform Cincinnati’s bail practices introduced to City Council

On April 8, a motion was introduced to City Council to reform the City of Cincinnati’s methods for requesting bail for people accused of crimes. OJPC is honored to be part of the coalition working to make this reform a reality. This motion proposes that city prosecutors will adopt a new standard of recommending no […]

To our 2019 event sponsors: Thank you.

Our sincere gratitude for the generous support from the individuals and corporations who sponsored our 2019 event, “An Evening with James Forman, Jr.” See information about sponsoring another OJPC event here.

Cyntoia Brown isn’t an isolated case of injustice

OJPC and others are pushing for Alexis Martin’s release from prison People all over the country are discussing and debating the treatment of human trafficking survivors in America’s criminal justice system. This is due to one sensational case of injustice — that of Cyntoia Brown of Tennessee. Cyntoia Denise Brown was serving a life sentence […]

The Power of Blame

How Assigning or Assuming Blame Impacts Sex Trafficking Survivors By: Verjine Adanalian As an attorney who advocates exclusively for sex trafficking survivors, I often get asked: what’s the hardest part of the job? My answer usually surprises people—it’s dealing with the concept of blame. Who or what is to blame for what happened to my […]