Mark Vander Laan’s second act: Litigation on behalf of Ohio’s prisoners

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Written by OJPC Volunteer Lily Meyer The attorney Mark Vander Laan, who serves as the Ohio Justice & Policy Center’s Litigation Director, is not the firebrand I expected to meet. His demeanor is calm and thoughtful; he is a considered talker, given to weighing and contextualizing each idea as he shapes it. Listening to him describe […]

Jan. 2020 Legislative Update

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As we dive into a new year, here is an update on criminal-legal legislation at the Ohio Statehouse Compilation and analysis by OJPC’s Policy Director, Kevin Werner Senate Bills Pending: Senate Bill 3 (Eklund-R, O’Brien-D) Express intent to reform drug sentencing laws. S.B. 3 had its 10th hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Dec. 17. This bill is a direct result […]

What does human trafficking look like?

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It’s not like “Taken.” Human trafficking often involves much more than a dramatic abduction. By: Gabriel M. Fletcher Understanding the horrors of human trafficking requires more than an awareness that it exists. As an attorney working with survivors of both sex trafficking and labor trafficking (involuntary servitude), I am just beginning to scratch the surface […]