Humor through Hardship

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The fact that even after all the hardships they have faced, they still had time to laugh and bless others with their laughter inspired me. Being in contact with these clients has impacted my growth, and it has taught me to be slow at judging people.

The Lawyer as Storyteller

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Though law school can sometimes feel mechanical, I am learning that law is always about working with people, which means that part of my job is always to make the judge or jury see the humanity in my client—prisoner or otherwise.

A Trusted and Knowing Friend

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OJPC taught me a lot about criminal-justice law and reform. It also taught me things I had not expected. One weekend stands out.

Cleveland Plain-Dealer: “Stop ‘boxing in’ former Ohio offenders so they can find work”

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OJPC’s Stephen JohnsonGrove joined the Faith & Freedom Coalition and the U.S. Justice Action Network to write this op-ed on fair hiring in Ohio—writing, “The idea behind “banning the box” was to expand the available talent pool for public employers and support individuals’ redemption by opening the door to good state jobs.”